Refrigerator with ice-maker

Refrigerator Repair

A broken refrigerator can be a big headache for the unfortunate owner of the appliance.  Being rather complex appliances like that, refrigerators may experience a wide variety of issues. Of course, the most common problem is the inadequate cooling capacity of your appliance, however, there are many other issues, which can lead to this problem – and sometimes it may be not enough to repair your appliance. It is important to remember, that just like any other home appliances, refrigerators require proper cleaning and maintenance. However, even if your appliance broke down completely it doesn’t mean you should simply throw it away! Most of the time the refrigerator repair would not take too long – and would not be particularly expensive. Unlike washing machine or dishwashers, fridges are normally easy to disassemble, and even though proper diagnostics may take a while, the repair itself is normally pretty straightforward.

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Are you tired of dealing with a broken refrigerator? There is no need to wait any further! Call Denver Appliance Repair right away and we will fix your appliance as quickly as possible!We will be delighted to help you! (303) 200-9921.

Common Refrigerator Issues

These are the most common refrigerator issues we encounter in Denver Appliance Repair.

refrigerator condenser coils

Refrigerator or freezer is too warm

This issue is relatively common, however, it is also the one that may take quite a while to diagnose. Sometimes it may be enough to either clean your condenser coils from dust or rearranging food items inside the chamber, however, if the problem is serious enough it may be caused by a more serious issue with your appliance.

refrigerator compressor

Fridge or the freezer is freezing over and won’t defrost

This problem can often be caused by a faulty control board or compressor, however, we would suggest that you call a technician for proper diagnostics instead of trying to repair the appliance on your own. Also, avoid removing the ice manually, since it may damage the piping on the back of your appliance.

fridge door gasket

The door gasket is cracked, damaged or needs to be replaced

A damaged door gasket means some cool air from your refrigerator is leaking outside. As a result, it will force the refrigerator to work more and will drastically increase the energy consumption.

fridge dispenser

Water dispenser is not dispensing water or leaking

The first thing that comes to the mind is that you might want to replace the water dispenser itself, however we would warn you against doing so. The problem can often lie in the bad water pipe connection, a faulty valve, etc.

fridge freon leak

Fridge has a Freon leak or needs Freon replaced

Replacing Freon can be a bit tricky – it requires special skills and equipment. However, we will gladly help you with this issue in Denver Appliance Repair!

Refrigerator won’t turn on

This problem can be encountered with nearly any appliance. It may be a result of a short, burnt fuse or damaged circuitry.

Fridge runs for too long and won’t turn off

Of course, there may be numerous reasons, which lead to this problem. Is your refrigerator actually managing to keep the temperature low? Or maybe the fridge is just working less efficiently now and it is trying to compensate by running overtime?

Other frequent problems include

The fridge is too noisy.

The light won’t turn on when the door is open.

We would like to point out that this is not a complete list of refrigerator problems we work on. If you have a problem which is not on the list feel free to call us anyway!

Refrigerator Repair

Do you experience an issue with your refrigerator? Is it underperforming, or simply not working? Well, in this case you came to a right place! Denver Appliance Repair technicians will be delighted to lend you our help! We serve not only the city of Denver, but also the surrounding areas, including Lakewood, Littleton, Aurora, Arvada, Englewood, Centennial, Thornton, Westminster, Golden, Highlands Ranch and Parker. When it comes to refrigerators, we service all residential brands, from Kenmore to Sub-Zero! We service various types or residential refrigerators, such as French-door fridge as well as bottom- or top mount fridges.

Not only we do regular repair – our technicians also can perform maintenance on your appliance and help you with installing or de-installing it.

We Offer

  • Same Day Service for urgent repairs
  • We use only manufactory-certified replacement parts
  • We have professional and experienced staff who will diagnose and repair your appliance in no time
  • The service call fee is applied towards the total cost of the repair
  • 1-month warranty for labor and 3+ months warranty for parts!

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Are you tired of dealing with a broken refrigerator? There is no need to wait any further! Call Denver Appliance Repair right away and we will fix your appliance as quickly as possible!We will be delighted to help you! (303) 200-9921.