How To Repair Your Jenn-Air Gas Cooktop

How To Repair Your Jenn-Air Gas Cooktop

Jenn-Air is a well-known company for both its high-quality appliances, as well as their reliable performance day after day in the kitchen!

However, that doesn’t mean that your Jenn-Air appliance isn’t going to break down from time to time. In fact, without proper care and regular maintenance, your cooktop might actually breakdown more often than you’d like. And, of course, this can easily leave you with a frustrating headache.

Fortunately, we’ve put together the following guide to help you repair your Jenn-Air gas cooktop.However, if you’re unsure of how to proceed, or if you suspect an issue with your unit’s gas supply, it’s best to call in a professional appliance technician.

Ignitor Won’t Spark

One of the most common problems that many Jenn-Air appliance users report is when the ignitor won’t spark to ignite your elements when desired. From our experience, there are three core reasons for why this happens:
  • First, the burner caps might not be placed correctly.
  • Second, the igniter is faulty.
  • Third, the spark module is broken or out of place.

Below is a quick guide on these issues.

Ensure The Burner Caps Are Positioned Correctly

The most common issue here is that your burner caps and the burner itself aren’t positioned properly.

This is a common problem, which is often caused when an individual cleans their burner caps, especially after a spillover or mess made during cooking.

In some cases, you might have been cleaning and accidentally knocked the burner cap out of place, or simply forgot to reposition it afterward.Overall, you want the cap to be seated on the burner base, which will ensure that it’ll light and perform as intended.

Also, ensure that the alignment pins are properly aligned with the burner cap too. Your burner cap shouldn’t have to be wedged in or forced, and should easily fit with the burner base.

Another way to tell if your burner caps aren’t placed properly is if the base and the caps move from side to side. There should be very little to no movement here when the caps are seated properly.

Faulty Ignitor

Another possibility is that the ignitor itself is faulty.

Fortunately, this issue can be diagnosed with a simple test. However, before you proceed, first ensure that the gas is turned off to your unit, or else you risk accidentally igniting your element, which could cause burns or other injuries.

Remember that, even if the knobs are off, they could be activated accidentally, and that could cause problems. Therefore, it’s important to turn off the gas at the main supply valve, which is typically located behind or underneath the stove.

Afterwards, locate the ignitor. In some cases, you may need to unscrew your cooktop and lift it away from the countertop. Fortunately, most Jenn-Air cooktops have hinges and a locking post to keep the stove raised during your inspection.

What you’ll be looking for mostly is built-up residue or corrosion on or around the ignitor. In fact, many times, an ignitor will fail to function properly when it is caked with oil, grease, or other types of food particles or debris.

To clean your ignitor, use a toothbrush and some rubbing alcohol to gently scrub the ignitor. You might also need to use a toothpick or a needle to slide into the ignitor’s pilot hole to remove any residue in there too. If cleaning doesn’t help with your problem, then you might need to replace it entirely.

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Other Common Problems

Broken Spark Module

Finally, the next most common issue with a Jenn-Air gas cooktop is a broken spark module.

This is what provides power to the ignitors for each of the burners. Therefore, if the spark is weak or non-existent, the module itself could be defective.

But before you start looking for replacement parts, first check the spark electrode and wires to see if there are any visible signs of damage.

Fixing Othe Problems With You Cooktop

Ignitor Won’t Stop Clicking

If an ignitor is making clicking sounds and isn’t stopping, there are few possibilities for this. Fortunately, you can check all these yourself without the help of a trained professional:

  • The clicking can stem from a recently installed or re-connected stove to the gas supply. If this is the first time the surface burners are used, turn on any burner knobs. This will release air from the gas lines.

  • The burner could also be wet from cleaning. We recommend cleaning, though if you immediately use them after cleaning, you could hear the clicking noise caused by excessive moisture.

  • If there’s clicking and the knobs are turned off, this could be moisture within the switches. This can stem from a spill or just from cleaning. If it was cleaning, give it time for the moisture to dry. You can speed that process up by blowing cool air into the area with a hair blow dryer.

How to Replace the Knobs

Replacing knobs is as usually as simple as twisting and removing the existing knob, then sliding the new part back into its place. However, the trick is to find the right part for the job!

Fortunately, our technicians have all the knowledge and tools needed to help you find the right parts and components for your home or commercial appliances.

Need help finding a part or with appliance maintenance or installation? Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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