Microwave Repair

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Nowadays microwave ovens are some of the most widespread cooking appliances. You can find various types of these appliances, from cheap microwaves that are barely worth repairing and to high-end appliances of the well-known premium brands such as Viking and Wolf. It is easy to rely on your microwave and make it a part of your daily routine – using it for warming up your food, defrosting and actual cooking! Which, in turn, makes a regular microwave malfunction a serious issue.

There is no need to panic, however – since our experienced technicians would be delighted to repair your microwave! Just give us a call at (303) 200-9921 today!

Common Microwave Problems

Please keep in mind that microwave ovens have high-voltage capacitors, which can spontaneously discharge even if the microwave is unplugged. We would highly suggest you to avoid repairing the microwave on your own and contact a professional repair service instead.

Our technicians have a lot of experience of working with microwave ovens of various brands. Here is the list of the most frequent microwave problems we encounter in Denver Appliance Repair:

Microwave oven doesn’t turn on

Most of the time the problem can result from a blown fuse or a damaged door switch. However, it is still important to remember that a blown fuse itself may be an indication of a bigger problem. If your appliance doesn’t seem to receive power at all we would recommend you to check if the electric outlet works properly by plugging in a lamp or a small appliance before inviting a technician.

Microwave turns on, but won’t heat

This problem may be a result of a faulty circuit board, or one of the relays. Sometimes it may indicate an issue with a magnetron, transformer or the capacitor.

Turntable doesn’t turn

The most frequent cause of the issue is a broken turntable motor. Sometimes you may have to replace the drive coupling or the tray support as well.

Controls are malfunctioning or not working

If the buttons, display or control board of your microwave are broken or not responsive we will be delighted to carefully troubleshoot the problem and replace the broken part if needed!

Microwave runs and then stops

The most frequent reason for this malfunction is a short within the circuitry. Sometimes you may have to replace the diode or the capacity. It is still necessary to conduct proper diagnostics and check the microwave parts for continuity.

Microwave is sparking

In case there are no metal objects inside the microwave and you use proper microwave-compatible tableware the problem most likely lies in a faulty high-voltage diode.

Other frequent problems include light not turning on and a convection fan not working.

Microwave Repair Service in Denver

Is your microwave broken and requires repair? Luckily, you came to the right place! Give us a call and we will send our technician to your home or business to diagnose your appliance and give you an estimate of the cost of the repair. In Denver Appliance Repair, we work on all types of residential microwaves, on all popular microwave brands. We cover the whole Denver metropolitan area, including Thornton, Aurora, Littleton, and Lakewood.

How We Work

Give us a call or submit the form in order to set up an appointment with you! If you require urgent repair most of the time it may be possible to send a technician on the same day. Alternatively, we can schedule an appointment in advance – we work Monday through Saturday.

We will send a technician to your place (home or business). He will diagnose your appliance, troubleshoot it and give you an estimate for the cost of the repair to get approval from you before conducting the repair itself.

Sometimes it may be necessary to order additional parts from the supplier. In this case, we will have to set up a new appointment with you and we will call you as soon as we receive the parts.

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