5 Common Frigidaire Freezer Problems

5 Common Frigidaire Freezer Problems

When it comes to high-quality home appliances, Frigidaire is easily one of the best names on the market.

In fact, with their extensive lineup of home appliances, it’s not unusual to find an entire home kitchen outfitted with Frigidaire appliances, including refrigerators, ovens, cooktops, and freezers.

However, just because Frigidaire is a highly reputable brand, that doesn’t mean that their products are immune to occasional breakdowns caused by everyday wear and tear.

And this is exactly why we’ve decided to put together the following guide on the most common Frigidaire freezer problems, how to spot them, and what you can do to fix them.

The Most Common Freezer Issues

Freezer Is Not Cooling

Many times, your freezer will still run and function, however, it might all of a sudden not seem to be as cold as it once was. While this might not seem like a major issue, if unaddressed, over time, this problem is likely to get worse, which could eventually lead to food spoilage and higher than necessary electricity bills.

Unfortunately, there are several reasons why your freezer might not be cooling as much as it once did, including dirty condenser coils, broken fans, or even a faulty compressor pump. With that being said, the first thing to check is your condenser coils. These are typically located either at the back or underneath your freezer, and allow for a refrigerant fluid to be circulated throughout the appliance. In turn, this allows the unit to cool the inside, as well as helping it disperse heat away from the appliance.

But since these condenser coils are usually exposed, they’re prone to collecting dirt, dust and other types of household debris. When this happens, it will cause the appliance to work twice as hard, resulting in warmer than usual temperatures inside the unit and higher than usual electricity bills outside. Therefore, if you’ve noticed that your freezer isn’t as cold as it once was, the first thing to do is to check and clean your condenser coils. If they’re really dirty and gummed up, I’d suggest using a vacuum cleaner to remove as much dust as possible, and then using a rag and warm water to wipe everything clean. Just make sure to unplug the appliance first and give the coils a bit of time to cool down.

After doing this, plug the unit back in and check to see if your problem has been resolved.If not, you may be dealing with a faulty circulation fan or a faulty compressor.

Frost Build Up Inside the Freezer

Although some frost buildup is normal, if you’re noticing a considerable amount of frost in your freezer, it may be due to a faulty door seal or a faulty evaporator fan. When your freezer’s door seal has worn out or is missing, it will allow warm air to enter the unit. This will turn to ice or frost, which is likely to build up over time.

To check your door seal, inspect it visually for any signs of damage. If you notice that it’s worn out, broken, or missing, that’s a sure-fire sign that it’s time to replace it. You can also check whether the door seal is working properly by closing the door on a piece of paper and then trying to pull it out. If you can pull the paper out with little resistance, it’s a sign that the seal isn’t working properly.

But if the piece of paper takes some force to pull out, then the door is sealing as it should.

On the other hand, if there’s no issues with your door seal and you’re still experiencing a lot of frost buildup, it may be due to a faulty evaporator fan or other internal components.

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Freezer Makes Too Much Noise

An appliance that makes a lot of noise is never a good thing! And when your freezer is making a lot of unusual noise, it’s usually either because it’s running too often, it’s not levelled properly, or that there’s an issue with one of the unit’s internal components.

With that being said, start by ensuring that the unit is sitting on a flat surface, and that it is as close to level as possible. Most units will have small adjustable feet located near each corner of the appliance. Use a level and adjust these as needed. However, if the unit is simply running more often than it once did, it may be due to dirty condenser coils as we’ve mentioned above. Or alternatively, you might also be dealing with broken fan blades, a faulty fan motor, or a compressor pump on the verge of failure. Either way, if you can’t find the source of the noise, it’s probably best to call in a professional to help you diagnose and repair the issue before it gets any worse.

Freezer Won’t Run At All

Most often, a freezer that won’t run at all is caused by a unit that has been unplugged, or a circuit breaker that has been tripped.

Therefore, start by checking to make sure that the freezer is properly plugged in and that there is no damage to the power cord or outlet.If you can’t see anything wrong, the next step is to check your home’s main electrical panel for any tripped breakers. Your circuit breakers are designed to stop the flow of electricity after a power surge to prevent electrical fires or shocks.

If you notice your breaker has been tripped, try to flip it back on and then check the appliance. If you continue to trip the breaker, it likely means that there’s an issue either with your home’s wiring, or with the appliances internal components, which might be causing a short. Either way, it’s best to leave electrical repairs like this to a professional technician who can perform a diagnosis safely.

Lights Don’t Work

Unless you’re dealing with a power issue, lights that don’t work are very common and usually caused by a simple burnt lightbulb. If this is the case, you’ll simply need to replace the burnt bulb with a new one, and then you should be back in business.

However, if all of the lights in your freezer have stopped working, it might indicate a more serious issue with the unit’s internal wiring.

If this is the case, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Denver Appliance Repair today for repairs, service, and installation near you!

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