Asko dryer repair how to diagnose control board

Asko dryer repair how to diagnose control board

Whether you’re dealing with an Asko dryer or any other make of dryer, the main control board functions as the unit’s heart and soul.

Think about it! The main control panel allows you to set the cycle and timer manually, but then it has to communicate with the appliance’s other internal components, such as the motor, heating element, moisture sensors, and more.

So in other words, when you’re experiencing issues with your dryer’s control board, you can end up with any number of issues, ranging from a drying that doesn’t seem to dry your clothing properly due to the heating element not working through to a dryer that doesn’t start or function whatsoever.

Below, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most common issues with Asko Dryer control boards, as well as what you can do to resolve the problem.

Warning: Any time that you attempt to repair, service, or disassemble your dryer, it’s important to unplug or turn off the power at your home’s main electrical panel. Otherwise, you risk electrocuting yourself or causing damage to your appliance’s computer components.

Dryer Control Board Issues

As mentioned, a faulty control board can cause any number of issues with your beloved Asko dryer. However, unless you’re dealing with an older model, it’s not all that common for the control board to become faulty. With that said, let’s take a look at a few things to troubleshoot and ruled out before concluding that you need to replace the control board

Dryer Is Not Turning On

If the dryer isn’t turning on whatsoever, it’s important to start by checking to make sure that the unit is, in fact, plugged in securely and that the outlet has power coming from your home’s main electrical panel.

For this, go to the panel and locate the breaker that controls your dryer’s electrical outlet. Make sure that it is in the ‘On’ position. If it has been tripped into the ‘Off’ position, try flipping it back on.

If you continue to trip the breaker, there may be an electrical short somewhere in your home or the appliance’s wiring.

In this case, turn the breaker off, unplug the unit, and inspect the power cord for any signs of damage. A pinch or kinked power cord often happens accidentally when a homeowner moves their fridge to clean or rearrange the room.

Dryer Turns Off Abruptly

On the other hand, your dryer might function, but it might turn itself off in the middle of its drying cycles.

While there are many reasons this might happen, it’s most often caused by a thermal overload, which means that the unit is either getting too hot, or the unit may itself may also be overheating, causing the shutdowns.

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Test Other Solutions Before Replacing The Control Board

While a faulty control board is often at the source of more complicated dryer repair problems, it’s usually more common that you’re dealing with a tripped breaker or electrical issue.

On top of that, before replacing the unit’s main control board, we recommend testing and checking all other parts of the appliance first. A few other parts that can often prevent a dryer from working properly include:

  • Door lock or latch.
  • Clogged lint trap – It’s important to regularly clean and empty your dryer’s built-in lint trap. When this trap becomes full and clogged with dryer lint, it can cause the unit to trap in moisture, preventing your loads from drying properly.
  • Moisture sensors – Many newer dryer models have built-in motion sensors that help the unit know when a laundry load is completely dry. If this small sensor has become faulty, your dryer might not work properly and may be prone to turning itself off abruptly during a cycle.

Examine The Control Board

If you still haven’t figured out why your Asko dryer isn’t working, the issue might be with the control panel. Essentially, this is the heart and soul of your appliance, so if it has been damaged during a move, has gotten wet, or has undergone a severe electrical surge, this part may need to be replaced.

Diagnosing this, however, should never be done by yourself unless you’re certain of what you’re doing.

In some cases, repairing or replacing other components, rather than the control panel itself might be able to save your beloved appliance from failure. But diagnosing and repairing these issues often requires using a multimeter tool to determine which component is no longer working properly.

That’s why we recommend calling the pros at Denver Appliance Repair today!

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