Viking Outdoor Grill and Barbecue Repair

Viking Outdoor Grill and Barbecue Repair

Viking outdoor grill  bbl repair

Any outdoor cook would be proud to own and operate a Viking outdoor grill or barbecue. The Viking brand has an established reputation of providing quality crafted grills and barbecues. Viking employs state-of-the-art technology and expert design to create intuitive and easy-to-use equipment, and the functionality of the Viking line is matched only by its elegant appearance.

Though Viking has a reputation for building products to last, users may find that they still need routine maintenance or repair after years of faithful use. Whether you find yourself with an inoperable grill, or you’d like to keep your grill in top condition, we can help.

Repair, Replace, Maintain?

Consumer experience with other grill bands and other home appliances may lead them to believe that an inoperable Viking grill should be replaced entirely. We do not believe in planned obsolescence, or the concept that broken appliances must be replaced in whole. More often than not, repairing a Viking grill is the right decision to make.

A full replacement of a grill can be costly, time-consuming, and disappointing. A well-made grill becomes a beautifully designed part of your outdoor kitchen, and no one wants to bid farewell to a fixture that they’ve grown familiar with and used to entertain and feed countless friends, family, or customers. That’s why the first step you should take when confronted with an inoperable or improperly operating grill is to contact Denver Appliance Repair.

One you’ve contacted Denver Appliance Repair, we will provide you with a no-cost estimate that can guide you in making the right decision. You will be working not with a general repair service, but with a highly-specialized company skilled in repairing outdoor grills and barbecues. The quality repairs we perform will have your grill running like new for years to come. We will guarantee our work, and allow you to enjoy using the same appliance you’ve been trusting with your needs for years.

The Viking Warranty

Viking provides a warranty on their grills, and this is an important factor to understand when deciding to repair versus replace. If the Viking grill is under three years old, the warranty is still active on that appliance. Viking allows all repairs completed by Viking-certified repair companies using genuine Viking replacement parts to be provided for free. In cases where a warrantied grill has somehow become unrepairable, Viking can provide the owner with a newly manufactured grill as a replacement.

Frequently Encountered Maintenance Issues:


Being a smaller and more frequently handled component of the design, loose, broken, or missing knobs have become one of the common maintenance issues encountered by Denver Appliance Repair. This can be a problem that seems minor during operation, and other companies and users find all sorts of ways to get “one more use” out of their equipment, but at Denver Appliance Repair we believe in fixing the problem permanently.

Temperature Accuracy

A second recurring issue that we find in Viking grills (and an issue that can be present in nearly all cooking equipment) is poorly calibrated or poorly operating thermostats. Being able to confidently cook your food at just the right temperature is a cornerstone of outdoor grilling, so this problem goes beyond a mere annoyance. If our repair technicians can’t repair the thermostat and calibrate it perfectly, it will be replaced with a Viking certified part that will have your grill cooking like new.

Viking Circuit Board Issues

Problems with the interior electronics of an outdoor grill often seem like issues beyond repair. This frustrating problem is not beyond the skills of Denver Appliance Repair, and we can service the electronics of your grill to have it operating with specifications again. Interior electronics are expensive, and repairing instead of replacing is a way to save money.

Top Hood Problems

You can’t cook safely if you can’t cover your food, fire, and grill. You can’t safely operate your grill if the hood has become faulty and creates unsafe pressure situations in your equipment. Equipment malfunction and dangerous part failures can put you, your home, your business, your customers, or your family at risk. Denver Appliance Repair has the experience to understand that a seemingly simple hood issue may be more complicated, and we are prepared to service your grill under our 24/7 emergency repair policy. You will not be left “out in the cold” with a dangerous grill.

Preventative Maintenance to Avoid Repairs

As with any sophisticated piece of equipment, regular maintenance of your Viking grill will help you avoid the need for repairs. Everyone knows to service their vehicle at regular intervals, but did you know that you can do the same with your grill?

The process is as easy as contacting Denver Appliance Repair to schedule a yearly maintenance appointment. Our skilled technicians will do a thorough inspection of your equipment that is only possible by experts with years of experience. You may overlook big problems, but our repair techs will identify even the smallest of possible issues before they cause major headaches.

Our friendly service people will carefully inspect your grill, looking for worn parts that can be replaced to ensure top performance. They will test that the grill is operating at specifications and is ready to cook efficiently. They will look for parts or components that may need to be cleaned and will be your personal expert on grill maintenance. Our techs will answer any questions you have, and will provide plenty of tips that will keep your grill running perfectly year-round.

As with vehicles, your grill should be inspected on a regular basis. We recommend a yearly visit from our techs to be sure your grill is in perfect shape. If you enjoy cooking on your grill more frequently, or use your grill in commercial applications, you may want to schedule multiple inspections a year with Denver Appliance Repair.

The only person that can truly know your grill is you. That’s why it’s up to you to watch your grill for signs that it’s not operating at top performance levels. The first time you notice a faulty or worn part, drop in performance, or unexplainable operating issue, contact Denver Appliance Repair.

Denver Appliance Repair: A Trusted Company

In today’s economy, it can be tempting to take shortcuts to minimize the operating cost of your grill. General-purpose repair services are great for handyman jobs, but they are not equipped to repair a sophisticated Viking grill. Fly-by-night companies charging cut-rate prices do so at the expense of their customer’s satisfaction. Don’t fall for such tactics, or you risk winding up with a poorly-operating grill that needs to be fixed again in a short time.

Denver Appliance Repair offers fully-trained, licensed, and insured technicians. We are Viking-certified and trained, which means that we offer only the best maintenance and repairs that meet the high standards of Viking approval. Our specialized training lets Viking know that we will leave their customers happy with the brand that they have worked so hard to build.

Certified Viking Replacement Parts

As with the labor involved in repairing Viking grills, there are ways to attempt to cut corners on replacement parts. Subpar and after-market parts, however, will not stand the test of time or provide the quality operation on which Viking users insist. Viking replacement parts do carry a higher price, but you can rest assured that the cost is a result of a manufacturing process that requires the highest precision and quality. Replacing with Viking parts will keep your grill running at perfect specifications without any operating issues or design failures common in cheap generic replacements.

Even when thinking about repairing your grill at home, you should always consider replacement parts branded with the Viking name. You won’t be disappointed.

Choose Denver Appliance Repair

There is no other company in the Denver area servicing Viking grills with higher quality. Our reputation is established and trusted, and we’ve worked long and hard to keep your trust. Our highest standards do not waver, and you’ll enjoy the pinnacle of quality in repair and customer service, whether booking online or calling for an appointment.

Keep in mind as well: we don’t just work with grills. You can contact us for all of your Viking needs, including refrigerators, microwaves, ranges and cooktops, built-in ovens, ice makers, wine cellars, dishwashers, freezers, and range hoods.

Our team of Viking-trained repair technicians are unrivaled in the Denver area. Every individual on our service team has the training necessary to achieve full knowledge of Viking appliance operation. They are not generic repairmen basing their work on generic training. They are highly-skilled craftsmen that can assess a Viking grill problem within the most specific of parameters. They provide only quality repairs in a timely fashion.

A final note to remember is that our high-quality repair services aren’t just the best in Denver, they are also the best value. We take great pride in offering low rates and accurate estimates that are honored every time. This is why customers keep coming back for more service from Denver Appliance Repair.

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Don’t forget: there is no risk or cost in contacting us to see if your grill can be repaired instead of replaced.

Our company provides repair and maintenance services to anyone in the Denver area: residents, commercial and non-profit businesses, property and facility owners. You can be assured that contacting us will result in on-time arrivals for repair visits that do not end until the job is completed. A completed job means, to us, that you are 100% satisfied with your grill and the job we did.

As a reminder: our 24/7 emergency service is also available to you at all times, including holidays (when it may matter the most!).

Contact us and be sure that you are putting your equipment in the capable hands of Denver Appliance Repair.