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Stove Repair

If you’re like most Denver residents, you rely heavily on your stove. It’s an important tool that lets you prepare healthy meals your entire family will enjoy. It’s perfectly natural to panic when you discover that your stove has stopped working properly. The good news is that just because your stove isn’t working as well as you’d like it to, you shouldn’t assume you need a brand new unit. When you contact Denver Appliance Repair, we’ll send one of our professionals right out to your home and get things back to perfect working order.

We’ll have your stove up and running no time at all.

TroubleShooting the Problem

The first step to getting the stove working again will be figuring out what the problem is. Although each make and model of stove can have it’s very own quirks, we have noticed that there are some pretty common issues that crop up over and over again throughout Denver. These problems include:

Stove Gas Leaks

If you have a gas stove there is always a chance of it developing a gas leak. This isn’t something you should mess with. As soon as you smell gas, you need to shut off all gas to the unit and contact both Denver Appliance Repair and the gas company.

Auto Ignition Problem

The auto ignition is a wonderful feature, right up until the moment it stops working and you can no longer turn your stove on. The thing about auto ignitions is that they aren’t designed to last forever. If you have an older stove and can’t get it switched on, odds are pretty good that you need to have the auto ignition replaced. Once that’s been done, you should be able to get several more years worth of use out of your stove.

Stove Temperature Controls

There’s nothing quite like sitting down to eat only to find that the meal didn’t cook properly. If you’re dealing with uneven cooking there’s a good chance that your temperature controls either need to be recalibrated or replaced altogether.


If your stove seems to turn on, but the burner never gets hot, it’s most likely that your burners are starting to burn out. This is a simple stove repair that the professional techs at Denver Appliance Repair can handle in no time at all.

Heating Elements

Without a properly functioning heating element, your stove isn’t going to be making anything. Stoves that get a great deal of use, or stoves that are only cleaned on a rare occasion seem to be the most likely to have a heating element burn out completely. When this happens the entire heating element will need to be removed and replaced.


Wiring can be a tricky thing. One day your stove works perfectly and the next it starts to short out each time you need to use it. Our professional stove repair experts will go over every single inch of wiring until they have isolated the problem and then replace that section.

Should You Do the Repairs Yourself

There was a time when fixing your own stove was an easy task. Times are different. All of those special features that make preparing meals easier than ever,  also make repairing your own stoves more complicated than most homeowners realize. These days even the simplest models can give do-it-yourselfers all sorts of headaches. Sometimes just finding the parts you need can have you running around town all weekend, and you’ll be forced to settle for inferior parts that will most likely break down after just a few months of heavy use. We constantly get panicked calls from individuals who thought they would be able to do the stove repairs themselves, only to find themselves in over their head. In the long run, contacting us and booking a stove repair really is in your best interest.

The Cost

We understand that times are tough and that you don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on stove repair. We don’t think you should have to choose between paying your bills and getting your stove fixed, which is why we keep our prices as affordable as we possibly can. Not only do we promise to honor every single estimate we provide, we also agree to match our competitors prices. Best of all, you never have to worry about us charging you hidden fees. You can rest assured that when we repair your stove the cost will be significantly less than what you would spend on a brand new unit. Best of all, we guarantee our repairs. By the time we finish fixing your stove and leave your home, the stove will work as well as it did the day you brought it home.

What You’ll Get From Denver Appliance Repair

When you contact Denver Appliance Repair it won’t take you long to realize that we’re not like any other stove repair shop you’ve used in the past. We make customer satisfaction our very first priority. This starts with the way we book appointments, we have same day emergency service so you don’t have to worry about your stove being out of commission for an extended period of time. We also make sure the appointment has been booked for a time that works smoothly into your schedule, not the other way around. Most importantly, we always show up at the designated time and have all the tools and parts on hand that will be needed to complete the repair in a single appointment.

We have assembled a team of the best stove repair experts in the state of Colorado, not only do they do an excellent job of repairing the immediate stove problem, but they will also examine the appliance and alert you to the early indicators that you could have more problems in the future.

We fully understand that our repair techs can’t work to the best of their ability if they’re using inferior equipment which is why we never send them out on a call with generic replacement parts. Everything that gets placed into your stove during the repair process will be manufacture approved.

The sooner you contact us about stove repair, the sooner you can get back to cooking your favorite hot meals.