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Viking Outdoor Grill and Barbecue Repair

Viking cooking appliances are famous for their high quality and efficiency when it comes to outdoor cooking, and for a good reason. Their grills and barbecues are built to last. Viking puts special emphasis on the quality of their products, earning them the status of premium cooking appliances. Many of our customers believe that premium appliances have lower chances to break – and they are correct! However, it does not mean they should completely ignore regular maintenance and cleaning of their Viking grills, barbecues and other outdoor cooking appliances. Even if you make sure to take care of your appliance, it may still eventually break.

A lot of people consider replacing their appliance, however rather often it may be possible to repair your appliance instead of replacing it right away. It is always a good idea to diagnose your grill first – in certain cases it may be enough to perform a simple repair on your appliance to bring it back to life again!

Common Problems with Outdoor Cooking Appliances

Doesn’t Heat Up Evenly

The most likely reason for this problem is a clogged burner. Burners have multiple holes for feeding the gas. Unfortunately, their small size makes it rather easy for the burner to clog up – with either tiny food pieces or the oil tricking down on the burner.
In this case, it may be enough to simply brush the burner. Make sure the burner cap is not misplaced, since it may result in an uneven heating as well – or even prevent the burner from lighting up! It is better to simply clean the burner with the brush and avoid using cleaning detergents or other chemicals.

In case cleaning the burning does not help, there might be a clog deeper in the piping. Alternatively, the problem may lie in a broken gas valve that fails to supply an adequate amount of gas in the burner.

Burners Don’t Get Gas

If you are unsure if your burners get gas or not, you may try to ignite the burners manually – with a match or a gas lighter. In case you fail to do so, you might indeed have a gas supply problem. In case you have a problem with a single burner the most likely cause is the malfunctioning knob assembly – it may be that the knob shaft does not turn, or maybe the valve itself is stuck and not turning properly. If none of your burners receives gas and the gas tank is not empty – the problem can be with the pressure regulator.

We would highly recommend avoiding repairing the pressure regulator on your own and invite a professional technician instead!

Grill Produces a Lot of Smoke

This is likely caused by a buildup of grease. In this case, it might be enough to simply clean the appliance and preheat it for around 10-15 minutes. Keep in mind that it is important to clean your grill regularly – no matter whether you are using a premium appliance or a cheaper brand!

Grill Won’t Light

If the igniter assembly breaks, you might not be able to light up the burners, even though you would hear the hissing of the gas. Again, this problem should be diagnosed more carefully before we can come to a conclusion what has to be done – sometimes it may be enough to replace the igniter itself, without replacing the knob or fixing the wires. While Viking grills are rather durable, sometimes the igniter assembly can become wet due to the weather conditions, which might result in a short and as a consequence – burning the electric components of your igniter.

Another reason for this issue could be that your grill’s battery is gone. It is important to point out that while batteries are commonly used in grills, not all Viking grills have them. If the problem is in the battery it may be enough to replace it, however it is also a good idea to check the rest of the assembly as well.

Doesn’t Heat Up Evenly

Burners Don’t Get Gas

Grill Produces a Lot of Smoke

Grill Won’t Light

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Repair Your Viking Grill and Barbecue

There is no need to panic in case your Viking grill broke. Of course, Viking produces high-end appliances, but even Viking grills require occasional repair and maintenance. Whether you have a serious issue or you are looking for a small fix – feel free to give us a call and we will send a professional technician to diagnose your appliance and repair it.

How We Work

We service Denver and the surrounding area – including Aurora, Parker, Englewood, Centennial, Littleton, Lakewood, Arvada, Thornton and other towns.

We offer a same day appointment in case you need an urgent repair! Alternatively, it is always possible to schedule an appointment with us in advance. We also work on Saturdays, in case you have a tight schedule during the weekdays.

There is no need to drive around Denver looking for our office – our technician will come to your home or business!

After performing a thorough diagnostics of your appliance our tech will give you an estimate for the cost of the repair. We will repair your appliance only after we get an approval from you!

Most of the time we manage to repair a grill on spot, however, sometimes it may be necessary to order additional parts from the manufactory. We will give you a call and set up a new appointment for parts installation or replacement once we receive the parts – without any additional charges!

We offer a 1-month warranty for labor. Our warranty for parts starts from 3 months and may extend up to 5 years!

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There is no need to wait any longer – give us a call and let our technician repair your appliance today! We will be delighted to help you! Call us at (303) 200-9921