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Viking Range Not Working Denver Appliance Repair Has You Covered

When it comes to cooking meals in your kitchen, you rely on your stovetop range, just as much as you rely on your oven, fridge, dishwasher, and microwave. So when your range burners aren’t working properly, or at all, you’re quickly put in a situation where you’re unable to eat, which is only going to make the fact that you already have a huge headache on your hands even worse. But don’t let your faulty Viking range ruin your day! Let the trained technicians at Denver Appliance Repair, helps you identify, diagnose, and resolve your range problem for you.

Warning: You should never attempt to disassemble or repair your appliance unless you have the skills and knowledge of how to do so. You could end up hurting yourself or causing damage to your appliances. However, if you decide to fix your range on your own, you must unplug the unit before getting started to avoid any risk of electric shock.

Viking Range Repair In Denver

Fortunately, when your range quits working on you, getting it back up and running again is something that we’ve been specialized in since we first opened our company. And, as upsetting as a broken appliance may be, the good news is that most common range troubles are relatively cheap and easy to fix. For instance, one of the most common issues we see on a daily basis is a range burner that won’t heat or ignite. In this case, it’s usually a faulty or worn-out element causing the problem. Or, for gas ranges, this is usually caused by poor gas flow or a broken line. In most cases, poor gas flow happens as oils and food debris start to build upon the gas burner’s jets. Over time, this can get gunked up, leading to reduced gas flow, and in turn, the problems that you’re facing today.

Power Issues

As simple as it may be, it’s very common to see homeowners or business owners complain of a range that’s not working, only for us to find out that their unit has accidentally been unplugged, or has tripped a breaker. So before you give us a call, make sure to check that your range does, in fact, have power and is properly plugged into its wall socket.

This is more of an issue with electric stovetops and ranges, however, gas ranges may not ignite or function properly as well if there’s an issue with their power source.

Faulty Ignitors And Switches

Another common issue, when it comes to gas ranges, is a faulty ignitor, which may prevent you from being able to ignite your stovetop burners. While inconvenient, this common issue is both easy and affordable to repair, and can typically be done at home, without any professional assistance.

To check your ignitor, simply depress the button and check to see whether or not it’s making a spark. If there’s no spark, it’s a sure-fire sign that your ignitor switch may be faulty, and needs replacement.

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Temperature Control Issues

Alternatively, it’s not uncommon for your range’s dials, switches, or controls to wear out, which tend to be a bit more complicated to repair or replace. If you suspect an issue with any of these components and are unsure of how to resolve it, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

In some cases, your range may still provide heat, but it may lack temperature control or may not reach the desired temperature. In many cases, this is related to faulty components, such as the control dial. These parts and components are generally easy to replace. However, find the source of the issue is the tricky part, which may require the trained eye of a professional appliance repair technician.

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Choosing The Best Appliance Repair Company In Denver

Inevitably, your range and all of your other kitchen appliances are bound to experience service and maintenance related issues from time to time. So when a problem does strike, it’s important to know that you have a fully-licensed and bondable appliance repair company, at your service, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

Denver Appliance Repair provides you with access to our team of skilled appliance repair technicians, 24/7, so that no matter what type of appliance issue you’re having, no matter what time of day (or night) it happens, we’ll be there to help resolve your issue quickly and efficiently. With years of combined service experience, we’re the leading name in appliance repair in Denver and surroundings.

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