Washer Repair

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The washing machine became one of those appliances we heavily rely on over the last hundred years or so. We can barely imagine what our life would be without the convenience of being able to wash our clothes fast and without applying any additional efforts. A lot of people start using Laundromats or even attempt to wash their clothes manually, however we would like to point out that manual washing is far less efficient. And most of the time the necessity to drive to the nearby laundry regularly in order to wash your clothes or the clothes of your family may become rather a chore!

Common Washing Machine Problems

Washer produces a loud noise

Most of the time this issue may be a result of a faulty drum or drum support. There is no need to attempt enduring a loud washing machine – simply call us right away and we will send a technician to diagnose and repair your appliance!

Drum won’t spin

This kind of problems often requires a more thorough diagnostics. In some cases, the problem may be in the drum support system, but of course the problem can be also caused by a damaged electric engine, control panel or even wiring in general.

Washer is leaking

The most typical cause of the leaking washer is a damaged gasket (door boot). We would still recommend you to invite a technician to diagnose the appliance properly, since the leak or the door boot damage may be caused by numerous factors.

Washer won’t drain

While a clogged drain can be frequently encountered in washing machines, your appliance may still require more complex repair and diagnostics.

Washer won’t clean the clothes properly

Is your washing machine stopping in the middle of a cycle or fails to spin properly? The cause may be an issue with circuitry, or even a simple mechanical fault.

Fast and Affordable Washing Machine Repair Service in Denver

Are you looking to repair your washing machine quickly and without additional fuss? We are glad to inform you that you came to a right place! We have some of the best technicians in Denver who will be delighted to repair your appliance. Our technicians work on all brands of residential washing machine – whether you have Kenmore, GE or a ASKO, stackable washer/dryer or a combo unit – our technicians will fix any problem with your appliance, no matter how big or small it is! We cover Denver and its surrounding areas, such as Aurora, Centennial, Littleton, Arvada and Thornton, and we also offer a same-day service in case you have an emergency or want to set up an appointment with us ASAP.

How We Work

  • If you want to set up an appointment, simply give us a call or send a request via the form on our website! We offer a same-day service in case you have an emergency, but if you prefer planning your schedule in advance we can always set up an appointment during the weekdays or on Saturday.
  • After our technician comes to your home or business, he will diagnose your washing machine and find the source of the problem.
  • The technician will give you an estimate for the cost of the repair – sometimes we will be able to repair your appliance on spot, but in case we have to order additional parts from the manufactory, we may have to research available options and give you an estimate a bit later. We will charge you a service fee for diagnostics and giving you an estimate. The service fee will be applied towards the total cost if you go ahead with the repair!
  • If we can repair your appliance on spot, we will repair it right away after you approve the estimate. Otherwise, we may have to order additional parts. The ETA may wary, but most of the time it will take no more than five business days.
  • We offer our customers a 1-month warranty for labor. We offer a 3 months warranty for parts we install in your appliance, however most of the times our parts come with a warranty from the supplier that may extend to up to five years!