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Whether we like it or not, we all have a close connection with our washing machines. After all, it’s the appliance that cleans our clothes, helping us look as presentable as possible at all times. But most of the time, we don’t give any thought to how much of a difference these machines make in our daily lives. With that said, when our washing machines malfunction and the dirty clothes start to pile up, we’re never far from despair.
Maybe your trusty washing machine suddenly starts making loud noises or it vibrates so intensely that you can’t even gather your thoughts. Maybe it no longer drains properly or refuses to spin, or maybe it simply no longer does a good job cleaning your clothes.

Washers can suffer from many issues. So it might not hurt to familiarize yourself with some of the most common ones. By doing so, you’ll easily be able to troubleshoot, and possibly repair your washer, should an issue creep up on you before laundry day.

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Unusual Loud Noises

There is nothing more annoying than a washing machine making loud clunking and clanking noises. In some cases, you might only notice unusual sounds during either the agitation or spin cycle. Naturally, you have every reason to suspect something is wrong. But there are a few separate causes for this common issue, including:

  • Insufficiently-lubricated tub bearings (lubrication needed)
  • Worn-out tub bearings (replacement necessary)
  • Worn-out motor or drive belt (replacement necessary)

Note that while the lubrication and/or replacement of tub bearings is not difficult, the replacement of the motor drive belt is a more complex task, and should only be performed by an experienced technician.

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Intense Vibration

Modern washers are made to vibrate as little as possible. However, you’ll still feel a minor vibration during the spin cycle. However, it’s not uncommon for a washing machine to vibrate intensely when a part is broken or in the process of wearing out. So what can you do when you have a machine that vibrates a lot?

  • Rebalance the machine by adjusting its legs to ensure that it is, in fact, level
  • For washer/dryer combos – check the connection straps and tighten/replace if necessary
  • Make sure you’re not overloading your machine
  • Purchase a special anti-vibration pad to silence the machine, if there is no cause to suspect a malfunction.

Note that if you have tried all of these suggestions and your machine still shakes or vibrates intensely, it might be time to call in for a specialist. A trained eye will be able to identify the specific cause fast.

clogged washer pump

No Drainage

It’s never a good feeling to notice that your washer fills with water but doesn’t drain before the spin cycle. If you’re experiencing this issue, know that a simple clog is often responsible. Typically, you’ll experience:

  • A clogged machine pump
  • A clogged tube leading to the pump

To determine the actual location of the clog, it might be necessary to remove the front panel of the washer and tilt it upwards. If unable to identify the clog, any further assessment of the machine pump housing is best left in the hands of an experienced technician.

No Spinning

Your washer drains properly, but when it comes to the spin cycle, the basket refuses to budge. In this situation, there are two things you can try yourself. First, make sure the machine is level by adjusting its legs. Second, you can redistribute your clothing to ensure that the machine isn’t simply being overloaded. If you’re uncertain as to how to check any parts of components, you can request an assessment from our specialized appliance repair service. It is not only necessary to identify your issue, but also to resolve it quickly and efficiently.

washer Overload
agitator at washer

No Agitation

The agitation cycle refers to the specific movement that your washing machine makes to clean your clothing. Inside the machine, the corkscrew-shaped device in the center of the basket is known as the agitator, which facilitates this movement. If this part doesn’t move during a wash cycle, your machine won’t clean your clothes properly. In this case, the agitator’s directional cogs might be worn out or broken and might be in need of replacement. Fortunately, this is a fairly simple repair that any of our trained technicians will be happy to perform for you.

Washer Repair – Denver Colorado

Of course, these are only some of the most common reasons for which your washer might not be working as it should. Denver Appliance Repair has a team of experienced and professional technicians, ready to work for you.

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