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Simple Oven Repair Tips And Easy Fixes

Most people don’t think too much about their reliance on a properly functioning oven, until the day where they go to pre-heat it, and the unit refuses to turn on. Whether you’re looking to re-heat a slice of pizza or roast a full-size turkey for your next big family dinner, stumbling upon a broken or malfunctioning oven can easily be upsetting. Not to mention the fact that it can literally leave you and your family hungry! Fortunately, you can prevent this type of panic by knowing what to look for when your oven does malfunction.

Although some common oven troubles may require professional servicing, there are a few quick troubleshooting steps that you can take to help you diagnose your problem, potentially resolving the issue on your own. In fact, a good number of common oven problems are easily repairable at home, without any professional assistance. Below, we’ll highlight some of the most common problems you’ll encounter, and how to diagnose and resolve them quickly and easily.

Warning: Just keep in mind that you always want to unplug your oven or shut off its main electrical breaker before beginning any work or repairs on your oven.

Oven Not Heating? Try These Quick Fixes

If you’ve run into an oven that suddenly stops heating up, or doesn’t heat up to the desired temperature, you’re likely experiencing a lack of power, a faulty heating element (for electric ovens), and poor gas flow (for gas ovens).

With that said, the first thing to check is that your oven does, in fact, have power. Then, once you’ve ruled out an issue with your power source, the next step will be to check whether or not you’re going any (even a little bit) of heat from your element. To check this, from cold, turn your oven on, and check inside with your hand to see if you can feel any heat emanating from the heating for an electric oven, or for a gas oven, simply check to see if you can see a flame. If there’s no heat coming from the element, it will likely need to be replace, or you’re experiencing low gas flow or a blocked line.

Loose Oven Door – Door Won’t Close

One of the most common problems with Electrolux built-in ovens and other similar appliances is that there’s no power supply to the unit itself. So, if the power supply is off, out, or there’s damage to the power cord, your oven won’t start. To troubleshoot this issue, start by checking your breakers. Try turning the breaker off and on again. Next, test the outlet by plugging in a lamp or another device. If the device works, you can be certain that the power supply is, in fact, on and working properly.

Also, check the built-in oven power cord. If you see exposed wires or damage to the cord, it could explain why your oven won’t start. When working with electricity, it’s important to remember that safety comes first! Always turn off the power at your home’s main breaker panel before working with your appliance. And, especially when testing the power supply, make sure to take any other appropriate precautions. Better yet, contact us and let us send one of our trained professionals to your home to give you a hand. That way, there’s no risk of injury to yourself or risk of damage to your appliance.

Self-Cleaning Oven Problems

A damaged door switch is another reason why your built-in Electrolux oven might not be starting.

The door switch controls the oven light, as well as letting the oven know when the door is closed, and safe to heat up. In some models, the door switch can also be locked, which also relates to the main control panel’s ability to communicate with the door switch.

Regardless, if the door switch is damaged or faulty, the oven light will likely stay on, and as part of the unit’s safety features, it won’t heat up either.

To troubleshoot or fix a damaged door switch, reach out to Denver Appliance Repair. Our team of customer service representatives is on standby, ready to help you with your built-in oven repair needs.

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Affordable Oven Repair And Maintenance In Denver

As always, when it comes to your home appliances, your primary concern should always be maintaining them to ensure proper, long-lasting functionality for all the years to come. Whether we’re talking about your oven, or any other home or commercial appliance, it’s perfectly fine to troubleshoot your issues by yourself, but when it comes to replacing parts or servicing their internal components, things might be best left to a trained technician.

Not only do our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to get your appliance repairs done quickly and efficiently, but proper servicing also helps ensure that your appliance’s warranty will remain intact.

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