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How To Troubleshoot Your GE Dryer?

Dryers are designed to dry your clothes quickly and efficiently. However, during a drying cycle, they’re also known for making a bit of clunky noise.

And while some of those sounds and clunkiness are typical, other sounds could be signs that your dryer is broken, or on the verge of breaking down.

Below, we look at two of the most common problems that homeowners run into with the GE dryers, which are the unit making an unusual amount of loud sounds and it not turning on or functioning whatsoever.

We’ll also lead you through a few simple tips to help you diagnose the source of the problem and how to fix it.

My GE Dryer Is Making Loud Noise

To determine whether this is a concern or not, you’ll need to distinguish between typical dryer sounds and ones that are a problem.

This is key because, even today’s ultra-modern, high-efficiency dryers will still make some noise as part of its normal functioning.

However, if you hear any of the following noises during use, it’s a good indication that you have or will soon have a problem:

Locate The Source Of The Noise

If your dryer is making any of these unusual noises, your first step is to find the source of the noise.

Typically, the most common components that will start making noise are usually either your unit’s bearings or the drive belt.

Below, we’ll take a look at diagnosing and repair both.

Worn Out Or Broken Bearing

If your bearings are worn out or broken, you’ll find your GE dryer will be squeaking a lot while it’s running. The bearings are designed to allow for a smooth, frictionless rotation of the dryer drum during use. However, you’ll also have bearings in the pulleys that connect your dryer’s drive belt. To diagnose if you’re having an issue with your bearings, start by disconnecting your drive belt and turning the drum by hand. If the squeaking sound still occurs and you can feel quite a bit of resistance, your issue is likely your bearings. Although you can replace your bearings on your own, if you’re unsure of how to proceed with the repair, it’s best to contact a certified appliance technician for quick and efficient help.

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Damaged Dryer Belt

If it’s not the bearings causing your noise, it’s potentially the drive belt itself, which is the second most common cause of a GE dryer making loud noises. Right between the drive motor and tension pulley, you’ll find the drive belt. As you’ve probably guessed, the drive belt works to rotate the drum while the appliance is in use. Considering what it’s designed to do; the drive belt is prone to wearing out over time. However, in some cases, it might just be loose, which might also be causing noise while it’s turning. It’s simple enough to find and locate a broken or faulty dryer belt, however, it’s best to contact a professional repair service to help you find the correct replacement part.

GE Dryer Won’t Turn On

Aside from the dryer making sounds, sometimes a dryer won’t even turn on.

Unfortunately, there are many reasons why a dryer might not turn on, and most of them have to do with electricity.

With that said, unless you know what you’re doing, you should avoid attempting to resolve electrical issues on your own. These issues could potentially be dangerous to those without the training necessary.

However, if you do decide to attempt these types of repairs on your own, always make sure to unplug your appliance first, and also turn the power off at your main electrical panel.

Check the Power Supply

If your dryer won’t start whatsoever, the first step is to check the power supply to your dryer. For this, start by unplugging the unit and inspecting the power cord for any signs of visible damage. If you have a tester, you’ll also want to check that you have power at the outlet itself. If not, you might either have a tripped breaker, or some other issue, such as a short, somewhere else in your home’s electrical wiring. Finally, if the power cord and outlet appear intact, you can try flipping the breaker off and then back on again, which might be able to reset the unit and get it running again. If you’re still having an issue finding the source of your problem, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Broken Controls

Lastly, you might also have an issue with your unit’s control, which might prevent it from starting as desired. Because they’re some of the most frequently used parts on your dryer, it’s not uncommon for buttons or knobs to wear out and break over time. Fortunately, these are relatively cheap to replace and can be replaced easily by a trained appliance technician.

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