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What To Do If Your Samsung Dishwasher Displays An “LC” Error Code?

One common issue that we often see with Samsung dishwashers is an error shown as “LC” on the unit’s display. Typically, this will happen in the middle of a wash cycle, where the unit will suddenly stop and start flashing the letters “LC”. When this happens, you won’t be able to use the dishwasher, and unplugging and re-plugging the unit won’t cause the code to be cleared either.

So, if you’re experiencing this issue, you’ll want to read through the following post, which will explain what this means and what you can do to resolve your issue.

Samsung Dishwasher Error Codes Overview

What this code indicates is that the leak sensor is detecting water or a moisture leak from somewhere inside the unit. In some cases, this can be caused by genuine water or moisture leak from a broken water line or connection. However, it might also be caused by residual water or moisture in the dishwasher’s bottom pan. Lastly, your dishwasher’s leak sensor can also be faulty, which would explain why you’re getting the “LC” error code.

Flashing “LC” Error Code

First, start by checking to see if there are any visible leaks in or around your unit. Check the bottom pan to see if there is water leftover. If there is, your unit’s drain hose might be clogged, preventing water from exiting during a wash cycle.

In this case, your clog is typically caused by a buildup of food particles, which can usually be resolved by removing the strainer and cleaning any visible food chunks from it and the drain opening itself.

Beyond that, pulling the dishwasher out and looking around the area for any leaking is key.

In some cases, you might have a faulty water line connection, or one of the water lines themselves may have a leak in it. If so, this could be the moisture that the leak sensor is detecting.

However, if your unit’s drain isn’t clogged, and it doesn’t have any visible leaks, you’ll then want to consider the following possibilities:

  • There is a chance you overfilled the dishwasher with detergent. There is a set limit for how much detergent a dishwasher can take and if you overfill it, it’s going to trip the sensor, which might be the reason you’re seeing the error code.
    In some cases, if your unit is connected in conjunction with a sink or a garbage disposal unit, these other fixtures might have a leak that your dishwasher is picking up. Therefore, be sure to check them as well for any signs of a leak.

How To Resolve “LC” Error And Prevent It In The Future

If you’ve managed to find and repair the source of your water leak, the error code should go away on its own. However, if you’re certain that there are no more leaks, and the error code continues to flash on the screen, you’ll need to reset the unit.

To perform a hard reset, unplug the dishwasher or turn off the power at the main break, and leave it off for about 10 to 15 minutes. This should allow the dishwasher to reset its control board, and at the same time, reset the leak sensor.Alternately, if you’ve had a rather severe leak for some time, you may need to dry the unit’s internal components manually.

For this, start by ensuring that the power is turned off at your home’s main electrical panel. Then remove the unit from underneath your counter by first removing any screws or bolts that might be holding it in place, and then gently sliding it out.

Next, you’ll want to dry as much of the unit’s exterior as possible either with a dry towel or cloth. At the same time, make sure to double-check that all of the unit’s connections and water lines are intact and aren’t leaking. Then, slide the dishwasher back into place, reconnect any screws or bolts that you’ve removed, turn the power back on, and check to see if you’ve resolved the error code.

Finally, as mentioned, if that still doesn’t resolve the issue, the problem is likely being caused by the sensor itself being faulty. Resolving this is as simple as finding a replacement part and installing it. However, you’re better off calling a professional service provider, which not only ensures that you’ll be installed the correct part for your specific model, but will also ensure that your unit’s warranty remains intact.

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