Appliance Repair in Highlands Ranch

When was the last time you unloaded your washer? Have you used your dishwasher today? Maybe you enjoyed a cold beverage from your refrigerator, or popped a healthy popcorn snack in your microwave. If you’re like most Highlands Ranch residents, you use many appliances each and every day. Home appliances are the busy homeowner’s way of getting a little bit ahead of the daily chores. Your appliances, when working right, will make it possible for you to keep your eye on the prize. If they’re not working right–or not working at all!–then you need professional appliance service help. We are proud to be the #1 appliance repair service in Highlands Ranch!

We Do It All at Denver Appliance Repair

You may think that a local appliance repair service may not be able to everything that a big box or retail chain repair company can do. You couldn’t be farther from the truth! Our specific focus on appliance repair over the years has allowed us to grow the knowledge necessary to work on any appliance. This includes refrigerators, ovens, range hoods, stove tops, freezers, washers, dryers, and more. If it’s a home appliance, the odds are that we can fix it! We service all of these brands, and more:

  • Amana
  • Asko
  • Bosch
  • DCS
  • Dacor
  • Electrolux
  • Elmira
  • Equator
  • FCI
  • Fabor
  • Fisher & Paykel
  • Frigidaire
  • General Electric (GE)
  • GE Monogram
  • Haier
  • Hotpoint
  • Sharp
  • Sub-Zero
  • Thermador
  • Viking
  • Westinghouse
  • Whirlpool
  • Wolf
  • Zephyr

Maintenance Options in Highlands Ranch

Are you the sort of homeowner who’s on top of everything? Your home is your investment, and you take pride in that. You don’t want until you have a major disaster on your hands to take a look at a problem. If that sounds like you, you will probably be the sort of homeowner who notices an appliance running rough long before it breaks down. You may notice a change in performance, strange noises, or improper operation. You take care of your home, so take care of the appliances in your home. Denver Appliance Repair can help. We offer comprehensive maintenance programs that will keep your appliances running smooth, without a hitch. You’re not the kind of person to ignore a problem, so call us as soon as you notice one in any of your home appliances. You won’t be sorry!

We Repair it All

Here are just a few examples of appliances Highlands Ranch can fix for you:

Microwave Repair in Highlands Ranch

It might sometimes seem like it, but that convenient box hanging over your stovetop isn’t just a “magic popcorn maker!” In reality, you probably use your microwave for all sorts of things: warming up leftovers, preparing frozen ingredients, and cooking quick snacks and meals. Sometimes the way a microwave work can seem like magic, and that’s why you need a professional on site when you have a problem. If your microwave is malfunctioning, or not working at all, don’t attempt to DIY! Call us right away to have it fixed right the first time.

Refrigerator Repair in Highlands Ranch

We see so many refrigerator issues in Highlands Ranch, we can hardly keep track. The good news for you is that this means we have encountered any problem you can imagine in just about any brand of refrigerator out there. Refrigerators are complicated, complex machines–and they’re not cheap, either! Don’t assume that you have to throw out your faithful refrigerator just because it’s not working so well or broken entirely. We guarantee we can fix most refrigerator problems in just one day, because our guys will arrive with all the tools and parts necessary to get the job done.

Washer/Dryer Repair in Highlands Ranch

The tandem of washer and dryer is a unique pair in your home. They both work like dogs, keeping your clothes washed and dried day in and day out. You probably run them morning, afternoon, and evening. They may even run while you sleep. And without each other, they are not quite as helpful. You don’t need to dry dirty clothes, and you can’t dry clean clothes without a dryer. Make sure that you don’t get caught with dirty laundry by letting even one of these critical appliances break down. Call Denver Appliance Repair today to have your superhero team of appliances working together!

24/7 On Call!

We know that your life can’t just stop to wait for a broken appliance. A broken appliance isn’t just an inconvenience. It can put the brakes on your whole day, and eventually even cause damage to your home or be a danger to your family. That’s why we believe in 24 hour, 7 day a week service at Denver Appliance Repair. You don’t have to wait for normal business hours to call us. Whether it’s a weekend, a holiday, or an odd hour of the night, we can be at your side to help. Call one of our friendly representatives at any time of the day, any day of the week, and you’ll have Highlands Ranch working for you.

Your Local Source: Denver Appliance Repair

We are YOUR local appliance repair service. Don’t go with a general-purpose appliance company that will turn you into a number in a computer! Go with a trusted, local appliance company that has been serving Highlands Ranch residents for a long time. They trust us, and you should trust us too. Call today for an estimate, or to schedule a maintenance, diagnostic, or repair service. You’ll talk to one of our friendly customer representatives who will match you up with a highly qualified repair team that will be on the job before you know it. You won’t regret putting your appliances in our hands. Go with the name you can trust.