Aurora Colorado

If you call Aurora home, you know that it’s an area filled with happy working families, single professionals, and every sort of household in between. Aurora has a great population living in a thriving and growing community that has so much to offer. From schools full of children to businesses full of busy, hardworking people, Aurora is a bustling community that never seems to slow down. If you live in Aurora and you’re experiencing appliance issues, you have only place you should call. Denver Appliance Repair is the most trusted appliance service company in our area.

You may just be noticing signs that your appliance or appliances are having trouble. You may have known about a problem for a long time. Perhaps you just want to have your appliance taken care of with a routine diagnostic and maintenance service call to be sure that it will keep running great for years to come. No matter what your situation is, you can call Denver Appliance Repair for help. You will be ultimately satisfied with the service that your receive, and we guarantee that you will get only speedy, efficient, professional, and expert repair from our company. If you are in the Aurora area, give us a call!

Choose Denver Appliance Repair

Your home is probably full of appliances. You’ve got units that help you keep your family in clean clothes. You have appliances that store your food, frozen and chilled. Some appliances work in tandem: your range hood fan helps your cooktop function as a whole. You can’t dry clothes without washing them first. With such an intricate system of appliances helping you to live a modern and convenient life, it can be tricky when one or more of them needs repair. That’s why you need to keep Denver Appliance Repair as your #1 appliance servicer. Call our friendly representatives to set up a diagnostic visit today. The first step will be an easy-to-understand estimate on services for any of these appliances:

  • Air Conditioners
  • Cooktops
  • Dishwashers
  • Dryers
  • Freezers
  • Ice Makers
  • Microwaves
  • Ovens
  • Range Hoods
  • Refrigerators
  • Stoves
  • Washers

Refrigerator Repair

One of our most common service calls here at Denver Appliance Repair is for refrigerator issues. If you’re in the Aurora area, we can be the company to take your call as well. We have years of experience repairing refrigerator units of all major brands, so there’s no problem we can’t tackle. And we understand the emergency nature of your problem. A refrigerator may seem like a simple convenience when in reality it is an appliance housing hundreds of dollars of food. That’s hundreds of dollars that you can’t afford to lose, and that’s food that you use to feed your family. At Denver Appliance Repair we can help you prevent those sorts of losses.

Microwave Repair

Microwaves are one of modern living’s most convenient and easy-to-use appliances. They sit waiting for us in our kitchens to help with reheating leftovers, thawing ingredients, or warming up different meal components for serving. Sometimes you just want to pop a bag of popcorn. When you try to heat up last nights pizza and your pizza is still cold, you’ll need a microwave repair professionals help.

We can help you with any microwave problem including:

  • Strange sounds
  • Uneven cooking
  • Stuck turntables
  • Broken dials, switches, or digital pads
  • Light not working
  • Damaged door, door loose on hinges

Washer Repair

You can’t go a day without clean clothes, especially if you’re a business professional. It won’t take much longer than that for a giant pile of dirty clothes to heap up in your laundry room if something goes wrong with your dryer. Nobody wants to visit the laundry mat to spend cash and precious time to get their clothes clean. We resolve all of these issues on a regular basis:

  • Pump failure
  • Under-filling or overfilling
  • Temperature control issues
  • Leaking machine
  • Cycle problems
  • Displaying error codes
  • Strange sounds
  • Not spinning
  • Not draining
  • Will not turn on
  • Drum malfunctions

Range Hood Repair

As mentioned previously, many appliances are part of a “team” in your home. The most important team in your kitchen may be the combination of your oven, cook top, and range hood. We don’t often think of our range hood. We just want it to work. But when it doesn’t your entire cooking process is in danger. Fumes, smoke, and steam can build up in your kitchen and cause immediate and delayed problems. You won’t be able to cook, and your home is in danger of incurring steam or smoke damage. This can also lead to mildew, mold, and unhealthy conditions in your kitchen and home. If your range hood is not working properly, or you suspect it may be on its last leg, give us a call. We often see:

  • On / off switch problems
  • Noisy fan
  • Improper venting

Maintenance Services

Just like with your car or your body, regular preventative maintenance is the key to keeping your appliances running great. Most people wouldn’t skip an oil change or a doctor’s checkup, but people often expect their appliances to run every day for years on end without so much as a quick look-over by a professional. Call us at Denver Appliance Repair today to schedule a regular maintenance visit. We’ll put you on a plan that will keep your appliances running perfectly.

Do You Need Our Help?

If you’re visiting this site, the odds are high that you are in need of appliance repair or service. You’ve seen what we can do, and why we are the best appliance service in the Aurora area. If you have a broken appliance, call us. If your appliance is showing signs of wear and tear, call us. If you just want to be sure that your appliances are operating safely and within factory specifications, call us. We are your #1 appliance repair company, and we’ll take care of you like you’re our own family. Call today!