Are you ready for Christmas? Make sure your appliances are ready too!

Appliance Repair Oven Repair ServiceWe all understand the importance of a good family dinner during the holiday season. This is why we recommend carefully checking your appliances and conduct a few “test runs” of your oven before you start baking your Christmas dinner. A malfunctioning oven can often bake food too slowly – check your stovetop burners too, in case you plan to use them extensively. And don’t forget to check whether you can use your dishwasher as well!


Common Problems with Kitchen Appliances

While this problem is not too hard to spot many people don’t realize that their oven is broken until they actually start using it. Unfortunately, most repair companies are booked before Christmas and it would be impossible to get same-day service on 23rd and 24th of January! This is why we recommend conducting proper maintenance, diagnostics as early as possible to avoid any unexpected surprises.

Electric Oven Not Heating Up

Stove with Open Oven Door

If your oven is failing to reach the required temperature or takes too long to do it the most common problems are malfunctioning heating elements and faulty thermostat. We recommend making sure all of your heating elements in the oven are working as expected. If you have noticed that one of the elements is not heating up or that the food is not baking evenly you may have to replace a heating element in your oven.

Sometimes your oven will fail to reach the required temperature setting due to a malfunctioning thermostat. This failure can be caused by various sources, but we do recommend making sure your temperature probe is not touching the oven walls and is working correctly. Sometimes you may have to replace the thermostat itself or the control board, but in this case, we would recommend inviting a technician for proper diagnostics.


Gas Burner Not WorkingStove Surface Burner

Do you have a gas surface burner? In this case, make sure the burner and the electrode are clean, there are no food residues, nothing blocks the gas flow and nothing prevents the igniter from sparking. Check the igniter itself, make sure it is properly connected and try swapping igniters between two burners to see whether the problem persists. In case there is no gas flow at all we recommend checking the gas supply and make sure the knob shaft is working as intended.


Dishwasher Not Draining WaterDishwasher Sprinkling Arm

That would be rather unfortunate to end up with a large pile of dirty dishes only to find out your dishwasher quit working and you now have to clean the dishes by hand. It is important to remove large chunks of food from your plates or pots before putting them in the dishwasher in order to avoid clogging the dishwasher drain pipe. In case the drain water line is indeed clogged you will have to clean it manually.

Sometimes this issue can be caused by a faulty drain pump. Replace the drain pump if you find out that it quit working during the drain cycle.

20% Holiday Discount for Labor!

We are happy to announce that we offer a holiday discount for our customers! Invite our technician before Christmas and we will give you a 20% discount for labor for the repair (the discount applies only to the labor part of your repair bill and does not apply to your service fee).

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